FA pop by FUN planet @ CentralPlaza Chiangmai Airport

    Amusement FA pop by FUN planet was designed to be the new theme park has never been before. On over 900 square meters, is the embodiment of creative fun for all the family. fully equipped And one of the most modern   with the adoption of Art POP ART Mondrian and the strength of its colors. The release of latent simplicity with unique style.Blend perfectly designed for both light and sound brilliant ensembles, along with complementary skills along the E-Sport sports is a trend in modern integrated circuits, such as player line sports, basketball, football, boxing player adventure driving unit. music, dancing, karaoke machines for children, such as children’s rocking. And distribution automation Doll  There are also areas that supports Playground younger kids with activities for the children. Develop suitably activities such as cooking, expressive activities. And activities that children can run around, climb to the amusement park FA pop by FUN planet a new style like no other for ages met at the 4th floor CentralPlaza Chiangmai Airport.

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